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Friday, August 13, 2010

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Is it possible at all to answer this question?[1] – I am wondering... Is there such a thing as ’free choice’? It is really hard, it seems to me, to pretend that there are no binding circumstances: the truth is, I dont think happiness is hiding in this so called freedom. On the contrary, it would mean loneliness and isolation. However, I also tend to think that financial boundaries do exist and they don’t always mean spiritual or other non-material existence (meaning that just because I don’t have the means to go to a certain country, I don’t necessarily need to think of that as guidance for staying put... - it is tricky, isn’t it?)

Financial freedom provided, it is still almost impossible to decide where would I like to settle down. I need certain conditions met: first of all, in order to leave somewhere, I need to have a mission, a mission from God. Secondly, my immediate family needs to have the same vision, so that we – husband, wife and son - can share life together (naturally :).

If the above things were given, and I could play with the idea of chosing, I would think of a European country, simply because it would be closer to my larger family.

Divine imagination is so much better than mine: the best would be to leave this choice open, as well. However, if I must, I chose Israel. It feels right, since I would be interested in visiting the biblical scenarios and meeting Jews, as well as other people. I couldn’t resist Italy and Spain either, or Portugal. (I have been trying to learn Spanish for a while, so it would be exciting to be challenged by the actual situations in Spain. )

My judgment is clouded, of course, by the stories read, movies watched and history interpreted: there is enough excitement and challenge left in reality, though, that life would be very fullfilling anywhere, the mentioned conditions provided.

Does this make sense, Nancy? I really hope so, because I don’t have much time to write an other answer for the question. And, please, forgive me, for being a few days late.

[1] My friend, Nancy asked me to answer this question for her school assignment.

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