"Magasztaljátok az Urat, mert jó, mert örökkévaló az Ő kegyelme." Zsoltárok 136,1
Imádkozzatok minden emberért!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Estate sale

Very interesting: you follow the signs and there you are, in a house full of stuff tagged with cheap prices (most of the time cheap, but even if a price is a bit too much for your budget, there is always a possibility to bargain).
It was my first time and it was a lot of fun to explore the rooms. ...We got a computer keyboard for 1 dollar.
Of course, there was this funny feeling that the owner had passed away, and this is the reason for the present treat. What a concept!
I could actually hear a little preaching in my soul: one cannot take anything with him when leaving this world. A collection of a lifetime in this home, and now strangers are buying it for nothing. ...This little candle-holder means nothing to me, I don't even like it, but it used to mean a lot for someone else...
I wonder if he had what it takes to find the ultimate treasure...

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