"Magasztaljátok az Urat, mert jó, mert örökkévaló az Ő kegyelme." Zsoltárok 136,1
Imádkozzatok minden emberért!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kaleb happily gives up his nap

on Sunday mornings in order to enjoy all the excitement at childcare! :)

By the end of the service, when we go to pick him up, he is soo tired, he can hardly keep his eyes open. The moment he is in the car seat and the car is rolling, he is fast asleep...

His little self shows himself in such a different light for us when he is in the room with the other infants: he is so cute, so curious and so vulnerable.

The staff at childcare (they are all volunteers, by the way) love Kaleb, they say he is an easy child to watch. That is a relief for us!

P.S....A more experienced father told us teasing some time ago when we first started to leave Kaleb at the nursery:

"Sometimes, as a parent with baby/babies you go to church for the FREE CHILDCARE." :)))

True or false? :)

I love it anyway...


  1. Köszi szépen. :) Kedves tőled, hogy beszóltál. ... Nagyon jó (vidámító) ez a kép rólatok . :) ... Sok áldást kívánok nektek!