"Magasztaljátok az Urat, mert jó, mert örökkévaló az Ő kegyelme." Zsoltárok 136,1
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Little steps: big accomplishments

It is so strange how things usually work: you are waiting and waiting for something, looking for clues and signs that will tell you the exact time of the arrival, since naturally you don't want to be caught by surprise.... Then, suddenly, you realize, what you have been waiting for is there, it has been there for a while. So, you are frantically searching your memory: when did this exactly happen? How come you didn't notice? I don't have answers either... :).

I have been waiting to see Kaleb crawl "properly" on his knees, tummy off the floor. This would be the milestone for his being a crawler. (We didn't even dare to leave him with the "crawlers" - kids above 10 months - on Sunday for child care, since he didn't exactly crawl, he was rather scooting - very fast, though - all they long.) On the teething biscuit boxes and on the package of other whole grain snacks for babies (crawlers, toddlers, etc.) boxes it goes: "Your child may be ready" - that is, to eat this snack - "if she or he: crawls with stomach off the floor".

It happened YESTERDAY. Look at that! Kaleb is putting one knee after the other and consistently, no cheating there! WOW! When did this happen? I can't remember seeing the first moment of this big achievement. I missed that.
So, the date for crawling in Kaleb's baby book is 16th September. That will do. :)

Thank you, Lord, for giving us a healthy baby!

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