"Magasztaljátok az Urat, mert jó, mert örökkévaló az Ő kegyelme." Zsoltárok 136,1
Imádkozzatok minden emberért!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dreams come true

For Murray today - I hope - on the coast where he is fishing with his good friend, Larry (the photo is an old one from April).

We stayed home, Kaleb and me. We are killing time - not really :). But the truth is, it is very difficult for me to do anything with Kaleb crawling around in the house, since there are numerous dangers for him... or so I think... :). I need to rescue him, or rescue things from him. :)

The best thing so far today was talking with my Mom, my sister, my nieces and brother-in-law on Skype through a conference call. Jakab is in Austria translating, so my Mom is helping my sister out in Nyaradszereda. What a fun time, I am sure! It was nice to hear my sister reassuring me that it is not a tragedy that Kaleb sleeps only once a day now (1 1/2 or 2 hours). We heard the girls' voices, which was sweet. Eszter (2nd grader) recited a familiar poem for us ("Itt van az ősz, itt van újra..."), she was really good! Krisztina said she loved school, I suspect every 1st grader does :).
Kaleb, after he woke up a bit too soon from his nap, kept listening to the voices, trying to figure out their source. He had a good "show" as well for his cousins and Grandma walking with my help and crawling on his knees... This was our over-the-ocean family time today!

P.S. The first photo was taken of the grandkids and my Mom on 1st of May in Romania which is the Hungarian equivalent of Labor Day.

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